Hello! We're a small non-profit record label in Amsterdam, Netherlands, releasing electronic music on vinyl, CDs, cassettes and as downloads. We have a podcast series "Different Note" which aims to be the definite soundtrack for your nighttime moods.

Artists and DJs featured on our label include Adam Raisbeck, Airliner SRS, Asketix, Area / m50, Blamstrain, Denny™, Ercola, H.E. Grace, Jari Pitkänen, Lackluster, Nicky fffingers, Rege Satanas, Twerk, Varia, Wolf&Disaster and Wurm.

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Hands on Erotus T-Shirts & Caps by Rege Satanas available! 10th July 2015

Featuring the gorgeous hands-on-Erotus logo drawn by Rege Satanas, we have a new line of T-shirts and caps bestowed upon us! All orders get a healthy batch of new Erotus stickers.. We have only 15 caps so be fast!

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Berghaan presents Erotus Records at Paradiso Amsterdam on July 2nd 17th June 2015

Berghaan and Erotus bring music for introverted people to the Paradiso basement; live deep dark electronics fused with techno, IDM and ambient from an acclaimed and long-standing Finnish producer Blamstrain, supported by even longer-time bearded music lover-DJ talent from Amsterdam and Canada. A night for true deep electronic music connoisseurs.


Twerk — "Otter" 12" Vinyl Available 9th June 2015

We've received the wax and Twerk's "Otter" 12" vinyl is available now! It looks and sounds beautiful, truly a thing to behold..
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To celebrate we released a digital-only single from Twerk called "Dry Fly" along with a video for it, and a banging remix by Blamstrain. Pick up on our Bandcamp.

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New Different Note podcast from Nicky fffingers 30th May 2015

Everyone has a soft spot, and Nicky fffingers is exposing his here over 80 minutes.. From the ashes of his previous mix in the Different Note series ("I'm So Wasted") comes this beauty of a late-night mix - mixed live at the Erotus HQ in Amsterdam, Nicky comes through with a solid example of what the whole mix series is about at its best: Soundtracks for the late night and early morning hours. What's that old expression? Turn on, tune in and drop out..

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Twerk - "Otter" available 20th April 2015

Twerk's "Otter" is out today as digital! The 12" vinyl is available in June 2015.
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Igloomag calls it a "welcome slab of output ... As “Hydrictis” fades into the distance, I’m ready for more; hopefully the playful-yet-meticulous process that served Twerk so well on this release continues to produce adorable results."
Read the full review here.

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New mixtapes from H. E. Grace & Wolf&Disaster 12th March 2015

New CASSETTE mixtapes from H.E. GRACE (EROMT3) and WOLF&DISASTER (EROMT4) are available. Join our Cassette Club or order separately.

H.E. GRACE continues his musical storytelling with LIGHT. Hana, pure of heart is at one with otherworldly beings of the new world until it is time for her to board the Eden Sphere and enter the divine light.

WOLF&DISASTER dig into their crates for a slice of up-tempo funk, soul and disco on side A, and disco-punk, dark electro, dancefloor anthems and electroclash on side B with their distinct French taste.

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Blamstrain - "Friends" music video 9th February 2015

Check out the new video for Blamstrain's "Friends" from the album "From All The Dreamers In". Filmed on a cold February afternoon with Erotus model Jackie O'Chang and Nicky fffingers meeting up for some quality hang-out time in beautiful Amsterdam.

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