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Blamstrain — "For All The Dreamers In" CD

by Blamstrain

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1. Auroras & Fireflies (03:36)
2. Experimental Freefall - Bazzie And Me (Varia Remix) 03:56)
3. Friends (06:39)
4. Goldenflow feat. Hossni Boudali (02:39)
5. Before Now-Again (07:42)
6. Luftluft (02:33)
7. Jari Pitkänen & Blamstrain - K (04:14)
8. Cosin (00:59)
9. Nightcruiser (09:42)
10. Tuntematon (05:02)
11. Lake, Storm.. Sun (08:27)
12. Swish (10:54)


For All The Dreamers In.. A self-explanatory title that leaves space for the imagination. If you wonder about how it would end, this record is for you.

"I've been working on this album for years but it's taken some personal growth to finish it. After Sunday Dub I found myself going back to the roots of enjoying playing music rather than be too cerebral about the process of creating it on a computer, and took a few hours worth of material I had laying around from earlier times and started making playlists. Eventually a few cogs turned and I was left with more time to put the album together as a cohesive whole. I've drawn inspiration from all around - music, movies, art but most importantly the people around me, and put it down into 66 minutes and 24 seconds of music for you all. Hopefully you will enjoy it - for me it is the best work I've ever done."

Package includes extra physical download code slips.


"An enormous amount of care and attention has gone into For All The Dreamers In. Each track melds gracefully into the next and the wide variety of styles are well paced, providing atmospheric peaks and troughs that will pull you through to the end before demanding you rewind for another listen. Excellent stuff."Igloomag review


Clavia Nord Micro Modular — Nord Modular G2
Elektron Machinedrum — Monomachine
Kawai K4R — K5000R
Korg Monotribe — Monotron — Monotron Delay — Monotron Duo — Volca Bass — Volca Keys
Monacor Analog Delay
Oberheim Matrix-12
Roland A500s — JD800 — TR707

Apple Macbook Pro W/ RME Fireface 400, Fireface 800
Running Ableton Live, Apple Logic & Audacity.
Akai APC20 — LPD8

Audiodamage 914 Fixed Filter Bank — Liquid — Fluid
Ddmf Nycompressor — IIIEQ — StereooeretS
Tone2 BiFilter — Gladiator — Nemesis — Saurus

Features background ambience from Helsinki - Kajaani, Finland; Almere - Amsterdam - Den Haag - Rotterdam - Utrecht, Netherlands. Recorded with a Edirol R1 and a pair of Core-Sound binaural microphones. Includes background ambience sounds from Freesound.org.


Written, engineered and produced by Juho Hietala, 2010-2014, except 2. written and engineered by Brent Cormier, engineered and produced by Juho Hietala. 7. written and engineered by Jari Pitkänen, produced by Juho Hietala. Vocals on 4 by Hossni Boudali.

Cover photo by 252Five.

With thanks to Tone2 Audiosoftware and Shawn Hatfield.
Special thanks to all my friends and family, I love you all.

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Cat. no. Erotus ERO511.