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Blamstrain — "Sunday Dub" 12" Vinyl

by Blamstrain

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A1. 6 PM (06:52)
A2. 11 PM (07:39)
B1. 1 AM (05:45)
B2. 4 AM (13:54)



"The first album to be completed fully after I left Finland for the Netherlands. I was living in the more rural parts of Holland for a while, spending a lot of my time bicycling and foraging in the woods at night. I discovered that the man-made nature of this country is both beautiful and frightening in equal amounts; at some times seeming like a kafkaesque tale of ecological horrors, and others a poetic struggle against the forces of nature by the will of the settlers.

The album was recorded entirely in one evening after carefully constructing a set of constraints for the sounds and structure, tying the four songs together to tell a story of one evening in the Netherlands. Recommended listening for bicycling, driving, on the train, meditating, sleeping, making love or other moments of shifting focus."

Package includes extra physical download code slips for both "Sunday Dub" (so you can share it with a friend) and "Sunday Dub (Live in Utrecht)".



"Chilled melodic ambient dub of the highest order—one for all you dreamers out there" - Igloomag review

"Groß-artig. Überraschung des Monats. (Excellent. Surprise of the month.)" - De:bug Review

As featured on Avaruusromua (YLE Radio 1, Finland), NightFlight (Fritz Radio, Berlin, Germany) TheGreed (100.7 FM Lyon, France) and AmbientZone (RTR FM 92.1, Australia)


Produced and Engineered by Juho Hietala in Almere, Netherlands, 2012. Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audibleoddities.

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Cat. no. Erotus EROV1